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Listen, I get it. Deep down you know you deserve more money and opportunity, but you don’t know how to get there. You see lots of programs and e-courses that could be of benefit to you, but you don’t know which one is the perfect fit to get you where you're going.

"I likely need all of them" — you think; but the financial cost just isn't possible for you. Well, all of this ends now! I've put together a magical bundle of my best-selling courses and masterclasses covering every angle of money and manifestation at an unbelievable price, so you can improve your life and finances in every way, without having to give up your Starbucks or anything else you love! 


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Here’s the deal. I've scoured my library of courses to curate the best courses and program I have on money, mindset and manifestation. I knew that if I had this bundle when I was just getting started on my journey - everything would be different. I'm offering them at a fraction of their price, so you can finally take your life to the next level without money being a barrier.

The result = this amazing bundle. If you were to buy these programs separately, they would cost a total of $1,875 USD. The Universe is My Sugar Daddy Bundle allows you to purchase them together in one epic package for a one time payment of just $97 — thus, saving well over $1,700!!

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Who is it for?

Everyone Looking to Upgrade Their Mindset & Finances



If you've ever thought about learning manifestation, getting your finances in order or learning about the energetics of the Universe. You're in the right place.


If you're a dancer or find yourself hustling everyday just to get by without any reward - everything is about to change for you. 

Boss Babes

If you run a business and are seeking to unblock subconscious beliefs about money so you can finally hit those big income months - this bundle is everything you need! 

What Will You Learn?

Everything Money Manifestation + Mindset

Think how to turn your negative thoughts into your money making thoughts!

Who is teaching?

Meet Your New Favorite Mentor


I am a stripper business coach, master mindset coach, manifestation expert, NLP practitioner, an author and a speaker. I am the host of the ‘Make It Rain’ podcast and author of the books ‘Manifesting Like A Boss Babe,’ and 'The Universe Is My Sugar Daddy' > I've earned over $1M in my stripping business and multiple six-figures in my coaching business in just 3 years! 

I Believe in investing in yourself! Over the last 3 years I've spent over $50k+ on courses, certifications and coaching! I incorporate golden nuggets from each into my courses and coaching today! Expand below to see a few of them! 

There's no catch! Promise.

How Is Such a Discount Possible?


If you are anything like me, you’ll be wondering, what’s the catch?! Well, good news – there genuinely is no catch. You see, I wish I had a bundle like this to walk me through step-by-step how to make little shifts everyday for a massive impact but I didn't. I don't want financial investment to be the barrier holding anyone back from their next level. I can't leave the cost this amazing forever though - which is why it expires when the timer ends. 

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Peek Inside

What's Included In the Bundle?


Big Dick Energy Masterclass

This Masterclass coaches on embodying that internal confidence and leadership role with your energy. 

  • Easily and effortlessly owning your confidence
  • Positioning yourself around other babes with BDE
  • Why you never having to prove anything to anyone

Includes: 1 (30 Minute) Module & Course Slides


Rich Bitch Energy Masterclass

This class is about tapping into your feminine and raising your own expectations for life and success!

  • Embodiment and Higher Self
  • Setting new standards and new normals for yourself
  • Desperation vs. Certainty

Includes: 1 (40 Minute) Module, Course Slides


Entrepreneurs Guide To Money Manifestation Course

Your Step by Step course to Master the art of Manifesting more money, sales, and clients!

  • Mastering the principles of manifestation as an entrepreneur
  • Clarity around money within your business
  • Setting yourself up for future success

Includes: 3 (60 Minute) Modules, Course Slides, 3 Workbooks, Self Love Meditation, Entrepreneurs Affirmation Graphic Packs

Manifesting Like A Boss Babe Video Training Series 

Manifesting Like A Boss Babe' is THE book to help you master the science and art of manifestation.

  • 22 Recorded Training Videos 
  • Money Manifestation Check
  • Vision Board Template

Includes: 22 Recorded training videos- one on each chapter of my book!

The Game: Stripping | The Rules: The 12 Laws Of The Universe

Mastering the integration of all 12 Laws of the Universe.This training will help you:

  • Gain a deep understanding of how the Universe works
  • Push throughchallenges with grace and understanding
  • Achieve massive success

Includes: 1 (60 Minute) Modules, Course Slides & 12 Laws Guide

Morning Routine Masterclass  

My morning routine explained in full detail! Having a morning routine:

  • Creates Mental Clarity

  • Sets the tone for your day

  • Gives you an opportunity to begin your day on the vibration of love and gratitude
  • Automatically incorporates self care into your day

Includes: 1 (45 Minute) Module, Course Slides, Morning Journaling Worksheet & Plan Your Day Worksheet

Rainmaker Method Masterclass  

Learn how to master the RAINMAKER Method by utilizing the same energetic principles you own in the club and transfer them into your business!

  • Confidence in the ask
  • Worthiness
  • Boundaries
  • Scheduling / Organization
  • Money honey Manifestation and management
  • Controlling the energetic whip
  • Detaching from the outcome

Includes: 1 (45 Minute Module) & Course Slides

Champagne Showers Masterclass

Having earned over $1,000,000 throughout the course of my dancing career I have mastered two main elements to stripping success that I coach on in this two part masterclass

  • Money Manifestation mastery for strippers
  • My Best ‘Lines’ to up-sell VIP dances
  • The energetics of the strip club

Includes: 1 (60 Minute) Module & Course Slides


See The Bundle Yourself!



If You Were To Buy All Courses Separately it Would Cost  $1875


Big Dick Energy Masterclass ($222)

Rich Bitch Energy Masterclass ($222)

Morning Routine Masterclass ($111)

12 Universal Laws Masterclass ($99)

Entrepreneurs Guide To Money Manifestation Course ($444)

Manifesting Like A Boss Babe Video Training Series ($333)

RAINMAKER Method Masterclass ($222)

Champagne Showers Masterclass ($222)


Today, You Can Enrol For Just $97


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We know you need no more details to see that this is an offer that you don’t want to miss! If you’ve ever thought about investing in knowledge to help drastically change your financial status and happiness, we are certain you will never find a better bundle than this! 

Don’t miss this chance to get your hands on all the necessary courses to finally take your life, business and bank account to the next level. This is the one shot you have to get these 8 programs for $97!

Wait! There's more!

Digital Download of the Manifesting Like a Boss Babe Workbook! 

$22 value!

Manifesting Like A Boss Babe' is THE workbook to help you master the science and art of manifestation. You'll take action in small ways every single day and track your progress!

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Still Doubting?

Believe In Yourself!

I'm serious! This bundle covers absolutely everything that you need to know about manifestation, raising your vibration and building that confident life you've always dreamed of! 

++ Plus I make it funny, sassy and super easy to implement! 


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With a 80% discount bringing the entire bundle down to only $97, there really is no excuse! You will not be able to buy this bundle ever again, so don’t think twice and start working your way through these amazing courses today! 




Lifetime Access

  • Big Dick Energy
  • Rich Bitch Energy
  • Entrepreneurs Guide to Manifestation
  • Manifesting Like a Boss Babe
  • The Game: Stripping
  • Morning Routine Masterclass
  • RAINMAKER Method Masterclass
  • Champagne Showers Masterclass

Regular Price $1875! 

Today for just $97

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Lifetime Access

  • Big Dick Energy
  • Rich Bitch Energy
  • Entrepreneurs Guide to Manifestation
  • Manifesting Like a Boss Babe
  • The Game: Stripping
  • Morning Routine Masterclass
  • RAINMAKER Method Masterclass
  • Champagne Showers Masterclass

Regular Price $1875!

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