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Do You Ever Find Yourself Feeling... 


Like you don't have enough money to show your inner Rich Bitch? 


Like desperation is creeping when it comes your financial situation


Unworthy of the life and money you desire... 


You're in the right place.

Imagine A World Where...


$$ You're certain of what you desire and how worthy you are of receiving it

$$ You embody wealth and luxury in a way that feels sexy and aligned to you --- regardless of what's coming in your bank account 

$$ You own the baddd bitch you are and love the woman you have become


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If you are looking for someone to empower you to up-level your life and have a lot of fun along the way, Paige is the coach you have been searching for. She is a breath of fresh air. Her no-nonsense demeanor teamed with humor and kindness allow her to speak directly without being confrontational. She is a fabulous coach and a wonderful human. All of her content is dense with information in a fresh and approachable way. I always take away something that I can apply the same day. Thank you so much, Paige!"

- Jessica

How long have you been depriving yourself from  a luxurious life because you think it requires an excess of money?

What if I told you that you can embody your inner Rich Bitch and start living that luxurious life TODAY?!


In Rich Bitch Energy You'll Learn: 


1) My secret to owning who you are truly showing up with unstoppable confidence
2) Why you don't have to spend a lot of money to be a 'Rich Bitch" and how you can start feeling rich today!
3) The key to setting high standards for yourself... and sticking to them!
4) How to release desperation with ease and step into certainty in all areas of your life.
5) How the mindset of the "rich" vs the "desperate" differs when it comes to spending money, baby!
6) What it truly means to live a life of luxury in 2020!



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Why Trust Paige Cole To Help You Embody Your Rich Bitch Energy? 


I am a stripper business coach, master mindset coach, manifestation expert, NLP practitioner, an author and a speaker. I am the host of the ‘Make It Rain’ podcast and author of the book ‘Manifesting Like A Boss Babe.’ 

I coach stripper entrepreneurs in maximizing their hustle inside and outside of the club. My unique coaching approach incorporates the spiritual and scientific principles of money manifestation and energy. 

My mission is to empower dancers to heal their relationship with dancing and also with money in order to experience financial transformation. My work around owning your dancers mindset is truly transformational as I dig into the foundational changes that need to be made in order to experience lasting change. 

I coach badddd bitches to reclaim financial independence through entrepreneurial coaching.

I am SO excited to teach you the 12 Universal laws of the Universe and you how you can use them to dance your way into the life you always dreamed of. 

Let's Make It Rain Baby!!!!

The Rich Bitch Energy Masterclass Will Give You The Kickstart You Need Today To...


$$ Feel secure and excited about your financial situation in the future


$$ Set High Standards For Yourself And Stick To Them For the Long Term


$$ Finally Show Up to Life With Confidence and the Passion To Get What You've Always Desired


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