8 Week  Intensive Business Coaching Program To Make Your Exit Strategy A Reality For Dancers!









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8 Week Intensive Business Coaching Program To Make Your Exit Strategy A Reality For Dancers!









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Hey Babe, are you... 


$$ A dancer who desires mentorship from someone who "gets it" in regards to our industry? $$

$$ Wanting to use dancing as a launchpad for long term financial success? $$

$$Interested in building a profitable business outside of the club to create income? $$

$$ Need help with starting an online business, like legit steps and instructions? $$

$$ Ready to build something sustainable and consistent that gives you multiple revenue streams each month? $$

$$ Ready to replace your dancing income with your own business? $$

$$ Want to guidance on a game plan to gracefully exit the industry? $$

$$ Ready to retire your G-string? $$

$$ Are you excited to begin the next phase of your life? $$

Imagine a world where...

$$ You successfully exit the industry with a booming business.
$$ You hang up your stillettos knowing you “murdered the game”
$$ You earn even more money outside of the club than you ever thought was possible
$$ You’ve set yourself up for financial success like the boss bitch you are
$$ You’re feeling on fire when it comes to going to work and builing your business at the same time
$$ You created the finanical freedom that allows you to live life on your own terms
$$ You live a life you absolutely love every single day


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You started dancing for a reason...

Look. I fucking get it. You want an exit strategy from the club.

I understand this more than you could ever imagine. You started dancing for a reason, we all enter the industry for one reason or another.

Most times it’s the quick cash, the time freedom, the flexibility and the lifestyle this industry offers us.

The problem I faced was wanting to move on from the industry but yet still desiring the same amount of cash flow and time freedom.


The problem I faced was wanting to move on from the industry but yet still desiring the same amount of cash flow and time freedom. Going and getting a ‘normal job’ for me wasn’t an option. I wouldn't make the desired income or have the flexibility I craved.  

Us strippers are a different breed of entrepreneur. We are a special kind :)  

You know that you are destined for more in this life. That you were meant to live a life full of everything you desire. That your dreams are right around the corner... you just need some help getting there.  

You feel that nudge in your gut. The one that has been there many times prior whenever change is in the air. It's that little push telling you... it's time to jump.  

You know there are no coincidences. You came across this page for a reason.  

You understand that your outer reality is a direct reflection of what's going on for you internally. There are shifts and improvements you are seeking to make in your life and in your business.  
You believe in yourself.  

You are relentless in your pursuit of building the life and business you desire.  

You understand the importance of investing in yourself and following a proven business game plan.  

You desire to transition out of the current season of your life. Exiting the industry responsibly with an income that matches if not exceeds your current lifestyle status.  

As an online entrepreneur there is... 

.. an overwhelming amount of information being thrown at you from all directions in regards to what you should be doing, where you should be posting, what you should be saying and everything in between.


You have a limited amount of time to invest in building your business due to your current position and so it's crucial to maximize the time spent working on growing your business to a profitable place.



Introducing Rainmaker Academy!


RAINMAKER Academy is an 8 week business coaching intensive program with Paige Cole. Each module, you will be guided through training videos that discuss specific business strategies that you can immediately implement.

You will have access to 8 strategically designed course modules as well as 8 group coaching calls. You get lifetime access to the course training videos including any updates!

Each module builds on the previous one and will give you action steps that will help you grow your online empire. We first start with the mindset of an entrepreneur and aligning your worthiness around the success you crave. You will then learn the necessary online marketing strategies and techniques for creating a profitable and scale able business.

You get access to a private Facebook group where you are able to connect with others who are in the program too! You never know the type of connections you will create here! This private access group is a safe space where you can express your challenges amongst other like minded babes, mastermind, and support each other.

How this course will help you...

Learn how to tap into the magic that already exists within you.

You literally already have what it takes. Doing the inner work and making that a priority is one of the biggest components to achieving success in anything you want. You will learn energetically align with what you want, with what you deserve, and with what's truly possible. Then you will learn to allow yourself to be in a state of receiving.  

How to show up like the badass business owner that you are!

Learn what it takes to run a successful online business. How to confidently sell without being feeling overly salsey. What products to deliver, when & how to deliver them. How to show up in a way that delivers better results, but requires less of your time. And feel more confident about the direction you are headed.

How to market your business in a way that creates consistent cash flow month after month.

 Teach you how to strategically grow your online presence, where you should be showing up and how you should be showing up on a regular basis. How to seamlessly build out the back end portion of your business to easily automate and scale your business operations and revenues.

What you'll learn in Rainmaker Academy...

 Module One

Stepping Into The "CEO Boss Babe" Version Of Your Badass Self


$$ The importance of having a business outside of the club, what is really means to you

$$ Manifestation + Business

$$ The psychology of an entrepreneur

$$ Breaking through limiting beliefs and showing up as the confident badass that you are

$$ Long term vision for your goals, life & business

$$ Using your subconscious mind for business growth

 Module Two

Business Clarity | Impact | Branding 


$$ Honing in on YOUR zone of genius

$$ Your business pillars

$$ The riches are in the niches baby

$$ Who the fuck are you even selling to? Ideal client Avatars

$$ Mapping out your business ascension model

$$ Messaging, copy writing and impact

$$ Cohesive branding strategy: aesthetically & emotionally

Module Three

Visibility | Online Presence | Website


$$ Where and how are you showing up online?

$$ Consistency is EVERYTHING

$$ Social Media platform utilization. The best strategy & differences to use for each platform

$$ The purpose of your website and crucial elements to include

$$ Creating your 'storefront' and user experience within your business

$$ Being authentic in your online presence

 Module Four

Growing Your Audience - Content baby!


$$ Content creation, inspiration and scheduling

$$ Content delivery: podcast, youtube, live videos, IGTV, blogging, FB groups

$$ Mini trainings and the power of LIVE videos

$$ Email marketing - how to build your list

$$ Email marketing strategies: what to say and how often to hit send

$$ Lead magnet and content upgrade creation

Module Five

Crafting your offers | Products & Program Suite


$$ What is the problem your product is solving

$$ Creating a strategic product suite of offerings, courses and programs within your business

$$ How to create an online course & digital products

$$ Building a high converting sales page

$$ Align with your pricing

$$ The power of testimonials

Module Six

Money Honey - Money Manifestation Within Your Business


$$ Understanding what money is and how to energetically align with the amount you desire

$$ Money blocks within your business

$$ The energetic difference between receiving money in the club and money from your business

$$ The importance of analyzing your finances, expenses and revenue generators

$$ Selling is an act of service

$$ Normalizing Money

Module Seven

Launching And Sales 


$$ Standing behind your products and why your clients need them

$$ Payment processing and payment plans

$$ Upgrades + upsells to increase revenues

$$ Launch strategy schedule and checklist

$$ Running a free training or challenge

$$ Holding energetic space and mindset during launch week

$$ Rinse and Repeat

Module Eight

Strategically Execute, Systemize & Scale Like a Top Income Earner


$$ How to leverage your resources in order to get more shit done

$$ Systematizing and structuring your business so it runs "like a business"

$$ Setting boundaries personally and professionally

$$ Growing your team: on-boarding process, tasks to offload, what to look for when hiring

$$ Success leaves clues- Proximity is POWER

$$ Continuing your business development

Rainmaker Academy is for you if…

$$ You’re ready to approach selling as a way of showing up for those who need you $$

$$ You want to learn to achieve success in your online business with grace and ease $$

$$ You want to learn Learn to attract the clients who were always meant to be yours $$

$$ You want to master and execute your business & marketing strategy? $$

$$ You’re ready to Ready to replace your current dancing income with what your business’ monthly income $$

$$ Want to guidance on a game plan to gracefully exit the industry? $$

$$ You want to create a profitable business filled with success integrity and impact? $$

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Juicy Course Bonuses

8 Group Coaching Calls

Your weekly group coaching calls are your opportunity to connect with like minded women and get additional support on anything stopping you.

Hot Seat Coaching

This is your time to bust through limiting beliefs, old patterns and mindsets 1:1 with Paige.

8 Workbooks

8 workbooks strategically designed to help you implement strategies into your business

Private Community

PRIVATE Facebook group to vibe and connect with fellow badasses

Success Hypnosis

Successful Entrepreneur Hypnosis for maximum empowerment you can listen to anytime

How to Build an Online Course Guide

Never wonder how to create the perfect online course again with this indepth guide

Rainmaker Morning Meditation

A great addition to your morning routine!

30 Days of Insta Content

This is not a drill! This workbooks is designed to give you 30 days work of content for Instagram!

Video Tech Tutorials

Save time googling and simplify the back end of your business with my video tech tutorials.

Downloadable Slides

All of your course slides and guides can be donwloaded so you can uplevel from anywhere.

Proven Launch Guide

Take the guess work out of launching your next offer with my done for you launch guide.


Youtube Tips and Tricks with Genna Ellis


Clickup/Slack Tutorial with The Elevate Effect


Protect Your Business with Natalie Puglisi


Get Poppin With Pinterest Masterclass with Keisha Jordan & Brittany Jocelyn

You’ll also receive lifetime access to all content!

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So who Is Paige Cole?

 I am beyond excited to release this business coaching program that has been on my heart for years. I’m obsessed with coaching strippers on building their hustle outside of the club, developing an unwavering belief in themselves and creating ANYTHING they want out of life. I have a deep passion for understanding the psychology behind our thought process and the science behind manifestation. Combine that with my 14+ years of entrepreneurial experience and here you have it!

RAINMAKER Academy is everything I know and personally used to start and grow my online business. I went from a $5k launch >$7.5k > $15k > $28k > $85k  launch! I had my first $70k sales revenue month and have had multiple $18k+ sales revenue days. 

After gaining the clarity I needed in my own business and applying the strategies I teach inside this course- I am on track to clear multiple six figures this year!

I am an OG dancer, a manifestation expert, mindset & success coach, business strategist, hypnotherapist, an author, and a speaker! If you take the leap of faith, believe in yourself, and come to the course with an open mind and heart, I promise you, your life will never be the same. The strategies I teach in this program are exactly what I use in my own business and have experienced massive results from them.

It’s your time, right now, to become the RAINMAKER you are and change your life forever.

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What our graduates have to say:

Lucy Roberts

I decided that 2020 would be my last year of dancing and although I was unsure what direction I wanted to go in, I last minute hopped onto the rainmaker academy as I had been following Paige and admired her and all she had achieved. Within two weeks with the help of Paige and the other ladies on the course I had clarity of exactly what my online business was going to be. I am still working on it but Paige training was so thorough I have all the tools in the course that I can keep going back and referring to help me on my way as I carry on building it. It is packed full of helpful content to start an online business, thanks so much Paige 💚

Lorena Alves

Paige is an amazing coach! She is so passionate about her job and is very organized and knowledgeable. I was at a really low place in my life both financially and spiritually but I took the leap of faith and invested in myself and business by enrolling in Paige's Rainmaker Academy. I was honored to work with other entrepreneur babes and to have learned so much! Once I invested, my life started turning around and doors started opening. I am now living in abundance and have a positive mindset thanks to Paige and this course. I highly recommend any of her programs. If you haven't yet, check out her podcast :) You won't be disappointed. 

Erika Hungness

Before joining the Rainmakers academy, I had been in search of learning how to start my own business. Once I joined, I realized this was everything all in one. Over the past 8 weeks I learned how to build a website, start a podcast and how to use social media for my business. Paige's hard work has shown because I've never felt so confident in my business as I do now. I'm so happy I got a chance to take this course and I'm excited for the future courses with her. I also met so many other bad ass women ready to change lives. Thank you Paige for all your hard work and for putting the Rainmakers Academy together. 


Dr. Brittney McGetrick, DC RD

Rainmaker is CHALK FULL of valuable information!!! I am a chiropractor & I own my own practice, and I have an online carnivore diet coaching business. Rainmaker helped me in BOTH! Of course it is geared toward building an online business, but some of the strategies I learned along the way also helped me with my brick & mortar business. The modules are a comprehensive look at everything you need to know to get started with an online business, from conceiving the idea to launching the course, I feel empowered with the knowledge Paige provided us! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to start making money online!

Jeff Petkevicius

Without a doubt, THIS is a Powerful Program for ANYONE getting into on-line E-commerce!  Paige has put together a comprehensive course that covers everything you will encounter from brainstorming your business, all the way through managing the growth of your successful company.  There is virtually no topic left out of the program and the format allows you to return over and over again, to solidify your skills in a particular area.  This is more than worthy of the investment!  What are you waiting for?  Your future depends on it.

Nancy Mitchell

Rainmaker Academy is one of the best online group coaching programs that I have taken. The course is worth every dollar. Paige is very knowledgeable and an excellent coach. If you are ready to change your life and become an entrepreneur then this course is for you. Her coaching skills have made me the coach I am today.


Frequently Asked Questions


Here’s the thing...



If you are still reading this far down the page, it’s most likely because you are considering enrolling in RAINMAKER Academy.

You might be questioning yourself on “Is this just another one of those courses?” or “Is it really going to be different this time?”

I’ll tell you this. I put my entire heart and soul into this course. I gave it every single thing we possibly could. I made this course because I wanted to help others to understand that they too can create a successful online business!

RAINMAKER Academy will change your life & your business if you allow it.

I know you might be a little nervous and unsure right now. But let me ask you this- how has what you have been doing in your life served you this far?

Why not show the Universe and yourself that you are serious?


Over $22,497+ worth of content!

$$ 8 Live Group Coaching Calls  ($8888) $$ 

$$ 8 Pre-recorded business training modules and over 36 videos ($8888) $$

$$ 8 Transformational Business Workbooks ($777) $$

$$ Successful Entrepreneurs Hypnosis ($250) $$

$$ Exclusive Members Only FB Group ($700) $$

$$ RAINMAKER Morning Meditation ($199) $$

$$ BONUS: Youtube tips with Genna Ellis ($199) $$

$$ BONUS: Clickup/Slack Tutorial with Elevate Effect ($199) $$

$$ BONUS: Protect your business with Natalie Puglisi ($199) $$

$$ BONUS: Get Poppin With Pinterest Masterclass with Keisha Jordan & Brittany Jocelyn ($199) $$

$$ Lifetime access to your course ($1999) $$

This is a highly curated space of bad-a$$ female entrepreneurs. 








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This is a highly curated space of bad-a$$ female entrepreneurs.