Episode 9

Increasing Your Intrinsic Value

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Can I tell you something…?

But here’s the thing. You MUST understand that this is the complete and total truth. You must believe this with everything in your heart.

You, my love, are worthy of absolutely every single thing you desire. It’s simply the truth.

You are divinely perfect.

Once you make the decision to genuinely believe this about yourself shifts will happen in your life.

Do you ever look around at people who you think seemingly have “more than you” and wonder to yourself why, why them and not me? Or think to yourself that person must be more worthy or deserving? I want to tell you that nobody on this earth is better, more deserving, or more worthy of anything than you are babe. We are all born with the same greatness, every single one of us.

When you decide that you are worthy and deserving as you are your intrinsic self worth increases. It really can be as simple as making a choice to believe so. Deciding this will also automatically increase your self value you see within yourself. When we raise our value we also raise our vibration into the world. The higher the vibration we are emitting and the better we are feeling, the more goodness we attract into our lives.

Speaking of ‘good things’ want to know something that indeed is a tool that can be used for good things…. Money! Now who doesn’t want to manifest more money into their lives? Increasing your value internally and the value that you put out into the world will without fail, increase the amount of money you attract into your life. It is the law that like attracts like. Energetically things on your same frequency will be brought into your life. Ever wonder why some people charge tens of thousands of dollars for the same service that another person is charging hundreds for? Well they believe in their value to their core, and the clients follow suit. It is the belief that they hold within themselves of their value. Since they believe that value to be true, law of attraction must magnetically bring you that which you believe.

When it comes to the task of increasing your internal self image to hold yourself in a higher regard it really does come down to just simply making a choice to see yourself as such. Followed by behaving the way you see yourself as this higher version to be. Taking action and actually putting in the work to make yourself better is a significant way to increase your self confidence and value. Self improvement and development are manifestation magnifiers!

Nobody is going to pave the way for you in life. Nobody is going to sit there and tell you exactly what to do. You are in control of your own destiny. You are in charge of where you take your life by the thoughts you tell yourself and the actions you take on a daily basis. It’s always been up to you babe. Now that you know that- what a gift it is to be aware and begin living your life with intention and purpose.

Want to feel more confident in your given trade whatever it may be ( a coach, network marketer, realtor, hairdresser, lawyer)? Take it upon yourself to learn something new or to develop your skill set even further. Listen to podcasts relating to things that will improve your life. Read a book every night for ten minutes before you go to bed instead of scrolling through social media. Find an online course that interests you or you see value in. Hire a coach. Take a seminar. Go to a live event with an impactful speaker.

Feeling better also has to do with your physical body as well. If you want to feel better physically start making better choices for yourself. I promise you, this will only help to gain more mental clarity and confidence. Drink more water. Eat less unhealthy food. Set a goal to move your body for 20 minutes every single day. Sign up for that yoga studio you've been telling yourself to checkout. All these little things that seemingly don't go together actually do. They all are ways to increase your value by helping you to feel better.

If I can give you one takeaway from today's episode it would be this:

You are perfect, deserving, and worthy as you are. Believe in yourself, make the effort the be better everyday and your intrinsic value and self worth with rise accordingly.

“You are perfect, deserving, and worthy as you are.”


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