Episode 4

How Kael Manifested 58,000 Followers on Instagram

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In this episode I interview Kael Roberts- online business entrepreneur and social media expert. We discuss her own journey in business and how she manifested 58,000 followers on Instagram. She also gives some great social media growth insider tips.

Kael started in fitness industry, as a fitness health and wellness coach.

She loves the use of social media to encourage motivate and “pump up” clients in addition to it being a free business tool.

She talks about how forgiving yourself and healing from your past is the way to become a better you. Discovering new beliefs about yourself allows you the gumption to take risks and give it a shot.

Kael experienced a tragic injury which was a blessing in disguise. She had a negative outlook on life and was really hard on herself, but the physical therapists were incredibly encouraging. Going to physical therapy turned into the highlight of her week because of connecting with an encouraging group of people.

Business tip: get extremely clear on what you want and why you want it. Ask yourself-How will this affect me and the people around me?

Be patient with yourself, forgive your mistakes, learn your lessons and move on in a positive way.

Her role model is her mom. Her mom owns her own business which when she first started it there wasn't a lot of support, but her mom proved everyone wrong and is an incredibly successful business woman today. She defied the odds. Kael is motivated to match her mamas hustle.

How Kael grew her social media following-

Relevancy and consistency. She was able to connect with her community. She showed up consistently at the same days and times. She engages back with people who engage with her content which instills a deeper relationship with her audience.

In this Episode:

Kael’s intro and background [1:51]

Using Social Media as a FREE business tool [3:33]

Becoming a better person through healing and forgiveness  [6:56]

An injury lead to a new opportunity in life [8:47]

Piece of advice for starting your own business [11:39]

Tech is her biggest frustration in business [14:14]

Kael’s role model [16:01]

Cleaning out the closet of your life [19:14]

How Kael grew her following [20:10]

What her intention behind Instagram was [22:22]

Connecting with people all over the world [24:48]

What Kael is working on now [25:45]

Golden Quotes:

“Becoming a better you comes from healing from your past heartaches”

“Within every adversity comes the seed of an equivalent opportunity”

“Be patient with yourself. Be patient through your mistakes”

“Success is no accident”

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“Success is no accident”


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