Episode 25

Gratitude Is So Gangster & Why You Should Try It

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Thank you. These words are magic, I swear. The practice of gratitude is the holy grail of manifestation. Gratitude is the highest vibrating frequency out there. The Universe responds quickly when we give thanks.

When we give thanks for what we have in our lives, it forces us to look at the blessings in our life versus the lack of what we don’t have. Focusing on what we don't have creates a sense of lack and can lead you into feeling negative emotions.

Have you ever been around people who are always complaining? Like seriously, they always look at the negatives in a situation and that is all they talk about. How does it feel when you are around them? How do you leave that encounter feeling? Not good and very low vibe would be my guess. Those same people are always seeming to have another new problem or new drama in their life because guess what, that's what they are always focusing on!

Imagine this, one of your closest friends birthday is coming up. You decide you want to do something really special and throw them and amazing surprise party. You researched and booked the venue, you made all the arrangements with catering and drinks, you decorated the party room with your friends favorite colored balloons, streamers, and flowers. You went out of your way to contact all of her friends and family members in order to have them all there for this surprise. You are soooo excited to have your friend walk through that door to her surprise party you just planned that you can hardly wait!

The day comes when her surprise party is all set to go. Everyone is in the room waiting to yell “surprise!”. The balloons and decor are in place, the food is hot and ready to be served, the cake is looking delicious with her name on it. Your friend walks in the door to her party, the ‘SURPRISE’ is excitedly announced and she kind of looks at you like hmmm and goes about her way over to have a seat. No reaction, nothing!Not a single word! It was almost as if this awesome party you just put a ton of thought time and energy into didn’t even exist! I’m sure this would make you feel incredibly unappreciated and you would probably never want to give that friend a gift again.

The Universe is the ultimate gift giver. Just as you would feel unappreciated in that scenario imagine how the Universe feels when they deliver to you a gift that goes unappreciated. Even looking around at the smallest blessings in your life will raise your vibration into a higher state because you are focusing on the good and showing your appreciation. Saying ‘Thank You’ to the Universe for all it has provided and it will be more than happy to deliver even more.

Gratitude can immediately shift your state of being. If you are ever feeling down or sad and want to shake it off, try this. Go on a gratitude rampage! For the next minute just say ‘Thank You’ for every single thing you can think of.

If you get stuck or need inspiration getting started, perhaps you can start by giving thanks for the eyes you have to be able to read this post. For the hands you have. For the intelligent brain you have and for the ability to read. For the clothes you are wearing. For the food in your fridge. These smaller things will help to get the momentum rolling and you will be able to give thanks for so much more than you realize.

What you focus on expands. Where your focus goes energy flows. If you make it a habit to focus on what you're thankful for it is law that the Universe will bring you more things to be grateful for. Feel the gratitude and the appreciation every single day.

Make a commitment to always operate from a place of gratitude and watch how much better your life will become.

I want to end this chapter with a story. My sister Brooke one day was having a conversation with her college girlfriends and the question asked was, ”If time and money was not an issue what would your dream job be?”

Brooke responded, “I would be the ‘Thank You Fairy’ and go around thanking people for the things they do everyday that go unnoticed.”

Two weeks later Brooke passed away suddenly. She was 19 years old and a freshman at Berkeley University. She was my only sister, she was a daughter, she was a friend, and a beautiful soul. Losing her was beyond tragic for my family ,and for the world, but there was a light of grace in hearing the ‘Thank You Fairy’ story.

Not only is it important to give gratitude for the things you have in your own life, but to also acknowledge those around you with those beautiful words that need to be said out loud more often. Thank you.

Thank you for reading this.

Thank you for wanting to create a better version of yourself which will undoubtedly bless the world.

Most importantly, thank you for being you.



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