Episode 22

Expanding Your Wealth Consciousness In 6 Steps


Money is all around us at all times. It is always looking for ways to come into your life. It is your job to match the frequency and the vibration of the money you are wishing to manifest into your reality. The issue that most people run into are the deep rooted subconscious beliefs that energetically stop the flow of money from coming in.

You see when your subconscious and conscious mind are in a conflict your subconscious will ALWAYS win. The good news is once you have an awareness you also have the power to change it.

So how do you change your subconscious programming around money you ask? Well one of the best ways is to begin by expanding your wealth consciousness. So here are my 6 steps to enhancing your wealth consciousness.

  1. Understanding what money is-

There are so many misconceptions and misunderstandings about what money is.

Money is energy. It is an exchange of energy for a perceived value. I say perceived because we all have a different intrinsic value that we choose to believe to be true. There are literally no rules when it comes to money, only the rules and limitations you choose to put on it.

Money is not good bad right or wrong. Money is a tool. Money is a resource. A resource that you are so worthy of having.

Money is a flow. When you think of all the words associated when thinking about money there are tons that come to mind; cash, money, mula, cheddar, stacks, green.. I could literally go on and on. The formal term for the word money is actually the word currens which comes from the latin word meaning ‘to flow’. Since money is naturally meant to be in a state of flow it can’t survive if it is stagnant. Interact with money from an open hand understanding that money comes in and money goes out, but there is always more on its way!

2. Analyzing your own money stories-

So what is a money story? Well a money story is whatever you tell yourself in regards to money. What you believe about money is how it will show up for you in your life. You see we accept many beliefs about money from a very young age. From age 0-7 you are literally like a walking subconscious mind absorbing everything you see and hear to be the truth. If your parents struggled with money or fought about it, you most likely picked up on those same beliefs.

The good news is that you in fact get to choose your own beliefs. A belief is just a thought we think over and over again with enough conviction and passion that we choose to believe it to be true. Now knowing this you are able to move forward in re-writing you own money story. Once that serves you.

The Universe is truly abundant in all its resources and there is always more than enough to go around. Start to shift your mindset around money. Choose to tell yourself that:

“I am provided for”

“Money loves me”

“Money is a renewable resource that always finds its way to me”

3. Feeling the feelings of having more-

So I mentioned how money is energy right? Energy is frequency and vibration. Since money is energy, what you have to do to manifest more of it into your life, is to match the vibration of the energy.

I want you to imagine right now that I am coming up and wanting to place a fat stack of $10,000 in your hand. What does that feel like? Do you feel ecstatic, joyful, appreciative, relieved, worthy? Whatever feelings you think that money will bring you must feel those feelings NOW.

Manifesting is all about the feelings. The law of attraction yields to us what we believe to be true and it is signaled by our feelings.

If you currently are focusing on the stress and the lack of not having money that is exacting what you are perpetuating. The Universe is always saying yes and it doesn't differentiate good from bad. If you are focusing on lack that is what you will get more of. If you are focusing on abundance that is what will be brought into your life.

4. Create a limitless mind-

The secret to creating a limitless bank account is to create a limitless mind. You must always be looking for ways growing your knowledge. In life there is never stagnation. We are always either in growth or decay. One way to dramatically increase your wealth consciousness is to constantly be growing your knowledge.

There is no lack of information out there. Listen to podcasts, read blogs, watch youtube videos, take an online course, hire a coach, go to an event. Literally the information is everywhere. It's up to you to choose to educate yourself.

I like to think of this as my brain food. I always try and take advantage of car time or while I'm working out to put something mentally stimulating in my earbuds and to learn more. When you learn more about money and manifestation you are expanding your magnetic pull by having that increase of knowledge.

5. Notice the wealth all around you-

If you look around there literally is wealth all around you. If you are going for a jog just look at the buildings you are passing by, look at the cars driving, think about the amount of wealth that is all around us.

I’ll share a quick example - I was getting a tattoo removed on my arm and there were two laser machines in the room. I looked at them and asked the nurse how much money they cost. Her answer was “$500k each.” 500K!!!! EACH. That means that sitting right next to me was one MILLION dollars. Literally wealth is everywhere.

When you come from a place of acknowledgement and seeing the infinite abundance that is everywhere your subconscious mind literally be trained to pick up on where more wealth and opportunities are.

It is the Law of Attraction- what you think about you bring about. Focus on seeing the wealth and the wealth will be brought into your life.

6. Give gratitude-

Gratitude is one of the highest vibration frequencies alongside forgiveness. When you come from a place of gratitude your entire energy and vibration immediately shifts. If you are ever in a place of feeling scared, stressed or lack try going on a gratitude rampage. Literally just start listing everything you are thankful for even if you start with the eyes you have that are allowing you to read this article. Feel the feelings of gratitude. Be thankful for your blessings. Focus all of your energy onto that and the Universe will deliver more things into your life that enhance your feeling good.

If you have clothes on your back, a bed to lay your head at night, running water, and a fridge full of food you are a wealthy person. Look instead at the blessings you have and I promise you, you will experience massive shifts in your life.

Make a decision for yourself in your life today to grow your wealth consciousness. Money is an amplifier it doesn’t change you, it only enhances who you already are. Money allows you to make an even greater impact on the world. Making a decision creates momentum in life. Making a decision will lead to the clear cut path needed to manifest the money and the life of your dreams. You so got this babe!



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