Episode 2

Clearing Your Mind Of Doubt

Today is all about clearing your mind of doubt.

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First of all, what is doubt?

Doubt is a belief that comes from a place of uncertainty, a lack of conviction, and fear.

There are two different definitions for the word fear. Fuck everything and run. OR Face everything and rise. Which version of that word do you think is going to serve you more?

 When we choose to face everything and rise we are putting our faith in ourselves knowing that the universe has our back.

 The way we overcome doubt is by creating positive belief systems within ourselves. That we believe with absolute certainty to be true.

So in order to do that we need to examine our belief systems. There are 4 things we need to consider-

  1. We need to understand first what a belief is

  2. Where they come from

  3. Uncover your own personal limiting beliefs aka- the things we are telling ourselves every single day ( realizing they are bullshit)

  4. Forming new positive beliefs that will serve us in moving forward with our lives and accomplishing our goals.

    1. So what is a “belief” anyways?

    A belief is just a thought we think over and over again with incredible conviction and emotion. There is no rule book for the beliefs you believe. You can literally choose to believe anything you want.

    I’ll give you a quick example of a belief system. Say you are wearing a white shirt. I mean clear as day, white as white can be T-shirt. Your friend comes up to you and says “ hey I like your blue shirt” You think to yourself “huh?” Can’t you see this shirt is white? But what you don't realize is, your friend is wearing a pair of sunglasses that forces him to see everything that is white show up as the color blue. No matter how many times you try to convince him that your shirt is white, he sees blue, and he believes it to be blue.

    Wanna know the cool thing about this? Those blue sunglasses can be removed once you realize they are in place. With a simple shift in your mind ( or in this case simply removing the blue colored sunglasses) you can see things with a completely different perspective.


2. Understanding where the beliefs come from.

 The majority of our beliefs about ourselves come from birth to age 7. Young minds are incredibly impressionable. When we are children our minds are completely open and vulnerable to believing everything we are told. We absorb what we hear to be the truth. Many of our beliefs come from things our parents or caretakers said to us. A lot of the beliefs also come from what we observed the adults in our lives doing and saying.  

Did your parents fight around you because of money, were you always told you weren't smart enough or couldn't figure it out? Take a second to think back to that time in your life and be a detective for yourself.

 3. What are your personal limiting beliefs.

 Given the fact that it is your job to monitor your thoughts, you have to be willing to do the work. You have to be willing to take a look inside and get really real with yourself.  

4.  What are your new empowering beliefs

 It takes the same amount of energy to think thoughts of abundance and joy as it does to think thoughts of lack and scarcity.

 When you realize this there is immense power behind it because you get to take back control of our minds.

 Look at your list of limiting beliefs. Now create new empowering positive beliefs that are going to serve you in moving forward in life and towards your goals.

 Examples: I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, good things never happen to me.


 I AM enough.

I AM intelligent.

Good things ALWAYS happen to me.

Say these out loud. Repeat them to yourself over and over and over again. Condition your subconscious mind to believe these new thoughts.

Negative thoughts are normal.

They are a normal part of life. Negative thoughts however are not successful. Don’t ignore the negative thoughts, handle them. You don't have to unpack and live there, but you have to choose to move through it.

 Jim Rohn has a great quote that says : “ You must stand guard at the gate of your mind every single day”. It is your job to monitor your thoughts. You are the only person who determines what you say to yourself. Be excited about that. Take ownership in it.

“You get to take back control the quality of your life”


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