The Universe Is Training You Never Testing You

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The Universe is training you never testing you. It’s a very common phrase I hear all the time of people saying that this must be some sort of a “test” from the Universe.

Viewing things as a test implies that there is a chance to fail. When you have a test there is the opportunity to pass or to fail. The Universe always operates from a place of love and adoration. The Universe always has your highest and best good in mind. It wants to bring you what you want in your heart and soul

The Universe is NEVER testing you.. It is training you. It’s a simple switch in the way you view what is happening. Situations being presented to you over and over again, that at one time you may have referred to as a test, can now be viewed as the Universe’s way of training you.

You will keep being sent the same situation over and over again until you learn the lesson that is needed to be learned from it, gain the clarity you need from it, or develop the skill set required for the next up-level of your life.

The words that you tell yourself are super important. There is a lot of association with the words we use. They can be interpreted as positive or as negative. A little trick I like to use in my daily life is whenever I am sore from working out instead of saying “I’m sore” I change my inner dialogue to “I’m Strong”. The entire feeling of the statement changes yet I am referring to the same physical sensation in my body. I am just choosing to use empowering words rather than negative ones.

As situations are presented into your life through the Universe’s efforts to train you they will continue to present themselves to you again and again. They may just be packaged in a newer prettier bow each time around. Until you learn that lesson or develop that skill you will continue to be trained.

Another way that the Universe loves to provide training is through our life's challenges. Whenever you look back to a time in your life that was difficult and you struggled- that was also a training for you. I look back to the time in my life when I went through a very deep depression and had I not gone through that I wouldn't have half the fire under my ass I do today! It trained me to have a deep compassion and a genuine desire to help other people feel better and regain the belief within themselves.

When I went through that time in my life I was trained to develop discipline in myself. I was trained to develop self love. Trained to pick my ass up and do something about it. Trained to feel compassion. Trained to learn how to be resourceful. Trained to figure out how to get things done.

Whatever struggle or hardship you may be going through right now, please just trust the process. Trust that there is a reason this is happening and that there is something that is really beautiful that will come out of it.

The Universe operates from a place of unconditional love. It wants you to learn and grow through it.

Everything you are going through is training you to be strong. It’s training you to be mentally tough. It’s training you to be unfuckwith-able.

Honor what you are going through. Be grateful for what you are going through. Be grateful for what you’re going through.


Misconception of the perception of the Universe “testing” you [1:46]

The Universe is always unfolding in your favor [2:29]

Your words matter [3:31]

Lessons may be packaged in a different pretty bow [5:55]

Life’s challenges are training opportunities [6:47]

My own struggle in life and what came out of it [7:33]

Universe’s unconditional love [9:27]

Golden Quotes:

“The Universe loves you”

“The Universe adores you”

“ Within every adversity lies the seed of an equivalent opportunity” -Napoleon Hill

“The Universe Adores You”


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