How Starting My Online Business Healed My Depression

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I promise you things are going to get better. Make a choice. Make a decision that you’re going to take matters into your own hands. You are going to do what needs to be done.

I have dealt with depression on and off throughout my life. I have gone through periods of time where I didn’t even want to get out of bed…

In 2017 it got to an all time low. I was making bad decisions for my health, my finances, my heart and soul.

I was going in a massive downward spiral.

The thing that saved my life was my first trip abroad. I fell in love with traveling and my eyes were opened to the world.

When I returned, I was dead set on getting an online job so I could have location freedom.

I began researching, studying, and applying for jobs I wasn’t qualified for. I was proving to the universe that I was serious. Then I shifted my focus to trying to find a business opportunity online due to my entrepreneurial background.

I always had this vision of what I wanted to be. The person I was showing up at that time of my life was not who I was as a human being. I knew I had so much more potential. When I made the decision to start the online business. I knew I had to step into a new version of myself in order to accomplish what I was wanting.

It didn’t happen overnight. I didn’t automatically feel good right away. I knew what I needed to do and I made a plan. I made a decision that I was going to just focus on “winning the day” and put all of my energy into that instead of focusing on the big picture and becoming overwhelmed with the amount of work that was needing to be done.

Chunking things down and working on bite sized actionable goals really serves me. It allows me to focus on that one thing, accomplish it, and then move forward onto the next task.

I started asking myself “What can I do today to make my business better, What can I do today to learn more?”

I began to trust myself again.

Doing the small things everyday is what made the biggest difference.

I am a perpetual knowledge seeker. I first watched ‘The Secret’ when I was 16. I became obsessed. I was always incredibly interested in all things psychology, mindset and self help. But even with having this knowledge I had just seemed to have forgotten who I was. I drowned in my own pity. BUT -I knew what it was gonna take to get myself out. I knew the action steps to take.

I continually emerged myself in positive uplifting things such as books, podcasts, courses. I told myself over and over again ‘I got this, I got this.’

I borrowed success from my past. I looked back at the times in my life when I was successful or I had accomplished something I thought to be impressive. I looked back to who I was showing up as in that time of my life. I looked for the traits and the characteristics that that version of myself was embodying.

I also became ruthless with cutting out the negative people in my life. I was on a mission to make a network of people I loved and that supported me.

I was HUNGRY for it. I wanted to get after it. I wanted to learn. I wanted to grow.

Its time to step up and be the person I was meant to be.

I made the conscious choice to be happy.

Instead of focusing on what I didn’t have or what I thought I should have. I just immensely focused on what I was grateful for.

You are loved.

You are perfect.

You are divine.

In this episode:

My courageous decision [1:45]

Dealing with depression [2:27]

Traveling saved me [3:24]

Discovering online business opportunities [4:44]

Amazon Business [6:04]

I knew I was destined for more in my life [7:59]

Shift in my mindset [9:08]

Winning the day [9:37]

Small wins over time add up [10:41]

How I made my business paths decision [11:45]

Losing myself to then bouncing back [12:40]

Borrowing success from my past [13:23]

Be ruthless with who you are surrounded with [14:19]

My hunger for success [15:21]

Working on my Mindset [16:57]

Gratitude [17:36]

You are loved [18:28]

Golden Quotes:

“Make the choice to get yourself out of whatever it is you are dealing with”

“It gets better- I promise you”

“I was showing the universe I was serious”

“I knew I had to step into a new version of myself in order to accomplish what I was wanting.”

“I knew what I needed to do and I made a plan.”

“Borrow success from your past successes”

“It’s time to step up and be that person.”

“ Commit to never quitting”


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