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Most people look at others success and think its an overnight thing. In reality they don’t see the work and grind before hand.

Cassandra has been at this for ten years.

She got her start in college out of a need to heal herself physically. She had really bad food allergies and needed to take care of her body. After a lot of unhealthy choices from bad eating, to diet pills, to calorie-less food it resulted in a severe pain in her torso. This led to her exploring her dietary health on a very detailed level. She began an elimination diet which healed her pain.

After going through this health exploration she decided to start a blog writing about food. She blogged for years before anything really took off. Six years into her blogging is when things started to turn around. She ended up on ABC’s ‘The Taste’ after a producer saw a random YouTube video of her cooking on of her recipes. She only had about 30 views on that video which just goes to show that you don’t need a huge following to succeed. You just have to have the right intention behind what you are doing.

In today's world people of social media it's good to remember that everyone starts somewhere and everyone has a story. Nobody just woke up one day and decided they wanted to be a food blogger and boom they have 100k followers. The key is to truly focus on yourself, your mission, your vision, and run your own race.

Follow your intuition and reclaim your power!

She has a program called Practical Magic that focuses on teaching women to trust themselves and to listen to their bodies and their intuitions. A big part of her program is teaching rituals to help focus your intention in a direct way. One of her favorite rituals is about clearing space in your life.

When asked what her favorite thing is about what she does she stated “It’s getting to show other women what’s possible for them.” Women can have it all and create a life that really resonates with them and excites them.

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The Universe rewards the pure of heart.


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