Ashley Gordon - Manifesting Angel Numbers


In today’s episode I had to privilege of interviewing Ashley Gordon, a Spiritual Life Coach and Master NLP Coach that specializes in helping spiritual entrepreneurs let go of comparison and caring what other people think to create a life of true happiness as well as awakening consciousness through spirituality.

She is a registered yoga teacher with a certification in Baptiste Yoga! Her passion and reason for living is to help others awaken to the badass creator that they are!

She knew she was supposed to be a life coach and pursued her passion after leaving a career in real estate. She trusted her intuition and took action.

Highlights from the Episode:

  • Taking massive action, inspired action, messy action, any action is what pursuing your dreams is all about! Do something!

  • Do the thing that you want to do even if you are scared.

  • You are the creator of your life. You have a choice.

  • If you don’t show up for your business you are making it about your ego and its about the people you serve.

  • Intention setting with purpose. Intention is the driving force of creation.

  • 3 steps for setting your intention:

    • Know how you want to feel.

    • Sit with the feeling and feel it

    • Take inspired action to move towards that desire

  • Creating from a place of clarity generates more momentum.

You can find Ashley here:



“Manifesting is like a dance- it is always moving. “


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Cassandra Bodzak- Practical Magic

Cassandra Episode Cover.png

Most people look at others success and think its an overnight thing. In reality they don’t see the work and grind before hand.

Cassandra has been at this for ten years.

She got her start in college out of a need to heal herself physically. She had really bad food allergies and needed to take care of her body. After a lot of unhealthy choices from bad eating, to diet pills, to calorie-less food it resulted in a severe pain in her torso. This led to her exploring her dietary health on a very detailed level. She began an elimination diet which healed her pain.

After going through this health exploration she decided to start a blog writing about food. She blogged for years before anything really took off. Six years into her blogging is when things started to turn around. She ended up on ABC’s ‘The Taste’ after a producer saw a random YouTube video of her cooking on of her recipes. She only had about 30 views on that video which just goes to show that you don’t need a huge following to succeed. You just have to have the right intention behind what you are doing.

In today's world people of social media it's good to remember that everyone starts somewhere and everyone has a story. Nobody just woke up one day and decided they wanted to be a food blogger and boom they have 100k followers. The key is to truly focus on yourself, your mission, your vision, and run your own race.

Follow your intuition and reclaim your power!

She has a program called Practical Magic that focuses on teaching women to trust themselves and to listen to their bodies and their intuitions. A big part of her program is teaching rituals to help focus your intention in a direct way. One of her favorite rituals is about clearing space in your life.

When asked what her favorite thing is about what she does she stated “It’s getting to show other women what’s possible for them.” Women can have it all and create a life that really resonates with them and excites them.

Where to find Cassandra:


The Universe rewards the pure of heart.


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Increasing Your Intrinsic Value

ClEAring (27).png

Can I tell you something…?

But here’s the thing. You MUST understand that this is the complete and total truth. You must believe this with everything in your heart.

You, my love, are worthy of absolutely every single thing you desire. It’s simply the truth.

You are divinely perfect.

Once you make the decision to genuinely believe this about yourself shifts will happen in your life.

Do you ever look around at people who you think seemingly have “more than you” and wonder to yourself why, why them and not me? Or think to yourself that person must be more worthy or deserving? I want to tell you that nobody on this earth is better, more deserving, or more worthy of anything than you are babe. We are all born with the same greatness, every single one of us.

When you decide that you are worthy and deserving as you are your intrinsic self worth increases. It really can be as simple as making a choice to believe so. Deciding this will also automatically increase your self value you see within yourself. When we raise our value we also raise our vibration into the world. The higher the vibration we are emitting and the better we are feeling, the more goodness we attract into our lives.

Speaking of ‘good things’ want to know something that indeed is a tool that can be used for good things…. Money! Now who doesn’t want to manifest more money into their lives? Increasing your value internally and the value that you put out into the world will without fail, increase the amount of money you attract into your life. It is the law that like attracts like. Energetically things on your same frequency will be brought into your life. Ever wonder why some people charge tens of thousands of dollars for the same service that another person is charging hundreds for? Well they believe in their value to their core, and the clients follow suit. It is the belief that they hold within themselves of their value. Since they believe that value to be true, law of attraction must magnetically bring you that which you believe.

When it comes to the task of increasing your internal self image to hold yourself in a higher regard it really does come down to just simply making a choice to see yourself as such. Followed by behaving the way you see yourself as this higher version to be. Taking action and actually putting in the work to make yourself better is a significant way to increase your self confidence and value. Self improvement and development are manifestation magnifiers!

Nobody is going to pave the way for you in life. Nobody is going to sit there and tell you exactly what to do. You are in control of your own destiny. You are in charge of where you take your life by the thoughts you tell yourself and the actions you take on a daily basis. It’s always been up to you babe. Now that you know that- what a gift it is to be aware and begin living your life with intention and purpose.

Want to feel more confident in your given trade whatever it may be ( a coach, network marketer, realtor, hairdresser, lawyer)? Take it upon yourself to learn something new or to develop your skill set even further. Listen to podcasts relating to things that will improve your life. Read a book every night for ten minutes before you go to bed instead of scrolling through social media. Find an online course that interests you or you see value in. Hire a coach. Take a seminar. Go to a live event with an impactful speaker.

Feeling better also has to do with your physical body as well. If you want to feel better physically start making better choices for yourself. I promise you, this will only help to gain more mental clarity and confidence. Drink more water. Eat less unhealthy food. Set a goal to move your body for 20 minutes every single day. Sign up for that yoga studio you've been telling yourself to checkout. All these little things that seemingly don't go together actually do. They all are ways to increase your value by helping you to feel better.

If I can give you one takeaway from today's episode it would be this:

You are perfect, deserving, and worthy as you are. Believe in yourself, make the effort the be better everyday and your intrinsic value and self worth with rise accordingly.

“You are perfect, deserving, and worthy as you are.”


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Nike Commercial Referenced in Episode

Julianna Pena - The Power Of Believing In Yourself

ClEAring (23).png

In this episode I had the pleasure of interviewing UFC TUF 18 First ever female champion Julianna Pena.

She first got her start in mixed martial arts when her sister invited her to a cardio kickboxing class. She threw a punch and the instructor asked her “who taught you how to punch” and she responded “ you just did.” She was a natural from the get go.

When she was younger she wanted to be a rapper a comedian and a boxer. So she was living her destiny! Although mixed martial arts has a lot more disciplines then just boxing.

She was the youngest of four and grew up strong having to stand up for herself.

Julianna was given the opportunity to compete in the first ever TUF season that allowed women (season 18). Her coach bought her a ticket and she tried out and secured her spot. The environment of living in the house while filming the show was unlike any other challenge she had faced so far in career. She was sleeping next to her opponents every single day while they had no access to TV, phones, internet, or the outside world for that matter. If you wanna talk about a mindset challenge, this was the ultimate. She lived, breathed, and slept next to the competition.

Julie ended up winning the entire show. Beating out all the other competitors while maintaining her mental toughness, in addition to her unbeatable mixed martial arts skills. Peña says -the sport of MMA is a combination of mental and physical strength combined.

When asked how she kept her mindset strong throughout hard time she explained how her sister would tell her to go into the bathroom, look into the mirror, and tell herself that “ She is the fucking King.” That’s exactly what she did.

When asked if she has ever wanted to quit her response was- the only time that thought had crossed her mind was when she suffered two separate knee injuries, or the times she dislocated both her elbows, or when she was ran over on the street by a random car. She overcame those physical hurdles and was able to get back into the octagon in record time. Overcoming these hurdles only helped to strengthen her belief in herself and to strengthen her mindset.

Julianna recently gave birth to her daughter, Isabella Cruz Peña, and the time spent away from her to be back in the gym, training, is one of the toughest sacrifices she has had to make.

How Julianna deals with her “off days”-

She remembers to snap herself out of those mental funks with these three things:

  1. People have their hand in too many baskets. They don't have one prime focus

She was in school, she was a full time waitress, and a fighter. Her coach asked her if she wanted to be the best waitress in the world or the best fighter. From that day she put all her energy into fighting. She bet on herself 100%.

It didn’t come overnight, she has been fighting for ten years. She has overcome many hurdles… Injury, having a baby, and more.

You are going to get there if you can focus all your energy on what your doing.

Doing it with all your heart, be joyful and grateful for it.

We only have a short amount of time in this world. Do what makes you happy.

2.  You have to commit to the long term goal- she’s been fighting for ten years.

Dana White and the Fertitta Brothers invested Millions into the UFC without making a dime back on their money for YEARS but they believed in what they were doing. Ultimately they were able to sell the company for $4 BILLION dollars.

3. You have to believe in yourself. If you don't believe in yourself nobody else will.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But that's life. Some days are bad, some days are good. But if you do not believe in yourself and have that self love you will never be successful.

When asked what Peña tells herself when it's ‘Go Time’ and she is walking to the octagon she said that she tells herself that she is the fucking KING and she is a murderer. Outside of the octagon she is a nice person but inside it’s a complete mindset shift into a trained killer. The second the cage closes though her fear is gone and she is ready. She is laser focused.

Peña says they are modern day gladiators.

Her favorite quote is:

“Hard work pays off”


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10/10/10 Principle And Money Manifestation

ClEAring (25).png

The practice of doing the 10 /10/ 10 rule with my money allocation has had a direct impact on my life in many different ways. It has built within myself a trust in the Universe, a trust in myself, and a new found self confidence in a way I never imaged or expected to be honest. I am very excited to share this practice with you and I hope you see the value enough to implement it in your own life.

What is the 10/10/10 rule?

It is a percentage money allocation. Each 10 stands for ten percent of your income allocated to a specific area. The 10 percents go to these three categories: giving, spending, and saving. So you are taking a total of 30% of your income and allocating 10% to each category.

Before I dive into the specifics of each category and the significance and importance of it, I first want to explain what money even is…

Money is purely a symbol. Money is an exchange of energy for value provided. It is a flow. There are many words we use when referencing money but the most common term associated with it is the word “currency. ” Currency comes from the Latin word “currens” which means to circulate, run, or flow. . Circulation means a constant movement.  Since money is an energy flow it must always be in motion and never stagnant. If you stop the circulation by grasping onto the money that comes into your life by hoarding it, you will literally stop the circulation for more money to come in.

I want you to stick your hand out right now. Now with your hand out in front of you, I want you to make a fist and clench your hand shut. Now clench it even harder. Now imagine someone coming in and trying to place money in your hand. Where is it going to go? With your hand being clenched and closed off you are not allowing for more of that energy flow referred to as money to come into your life. If there is only one way in and never a way out energetically it can't breathe which eventually causes death in a sense.

Another example would be the Dead Sea in Israel. There is only one way water flows into the dead sea causing it to stay stagnant as there is no additional flow of energy out. Life literally cannot be sustained in the waters of the Dead Sea because of how pollutant and toxic the waters are to sea life. This furthers proves the need for energy to be in a flowing movement.

Money holds only the value you place on it. It will always reflect your intrinsic self worth or self value that you believe to be true. If you feel good and value yourself highly it it the law that more money will find its way into your life.

  1. 10% Save

Saving money is a crucial habit to get into. You work hard for your money and deserve to pay yourself first. By implementing a habit of always saving 10% of your income no matter what you are setting yourself and your finances up for long term success. Even if right now you are only earning $100 and able to save $10, that is still something!!

Over time as you stick with this discipline your money will grow and that number will only get larger and larger. This causes you to feel more secure as you have a larger cushion of money as well as your self confidence will grow because you are moving in the right direction in regards to being a master of your finances.

Money attracts more money. When you begin to save and it grows you will naturally attract more money into your life. You deserve to feel good about your money babe!

2. 10% Spend

I love this allocation of the 10/10/10 rule- It’s to spend ten percent of your income on YOURSELF! Because hey, the universe loves you and wants you to feel good, abundant, and enjoy life.

A lot of times people will have the mindset that they can't spend money on themselves, they even feel blame shame and guilt around it.  If they are in debt people think that every single penny has to go towards their payments and they must sacrifice and suffer in the meantime. I am not saying to not be conscious and make smart decisions with regards to your financial responsibilities, what I am saying is you are not meant to suffer in regards to money. This withholding from treating yourself causes a feeling of “I’m not good enough, or I’m not worthy…” You and I both know that is bullshit!

It’s ok to spend money on yourself. In fact it makes the whole process more fun. If you allow yourself to spend the allocated money freely with no guilt or shame it breeds a natural feeling of abundance. Which in return creates more abundance and prosperity in your life.

Treat yo’self babe. You fucking deserve it.

3. 10% Give

“True fulfillment in life doesn’t come from what we get, it comes from what we give.”

Tony Robbins

Honestly I didn’t always feel this way. In fact, I used to be extremely selfish and self centered..That certainly wasn’t serving me.I now understand the value of contribution. ⠀
I believe there is more than enough resources for everyone.I don’t grasp onto things so tightly as I once did...And to be honest- I like the way giving feels so much more.

The practice of ‘tithing’ ( which literally means 1/ 10 or one tenth) has been around since the beginning of time. Giving of your money to those in need creates endless blessings to everyone involved. You are blessing those less fortunate then you with a gift, and at the same time you are spreading love and abundance into the universe. No deed goes unnoticed, ever. When you give, the Universe will bless you in return. Tenfold.

When I first started this practice of money management I didn’t know who to donate to but I understood the value of giving. I would go on go fund me and find people I connected with and choose to bless them. If I knew of someone personally that was struggling I would bless them with money. I still like to spread my 10% contribution to those I am drawn to help but a majority of my donations now go to a beautiful charity called ‘Bright Mothers.’ One of my very best friends actually founded this organization and it gives college scholarships to single mothers. I think this cause is absolutely beautiful and myself being a huge advocate of knowledge am more than honored to be able to contribute to them. If you would like to learn more about this wonderful charity please visit their website at

Make this practice of the 10/10/10 rule a discipline a habit in your life. Make this a non-negotiable. Choose to operate from a place of abundance, always telling yourself “ The more I give the more I receive.”

Remember that money is an unlimited renewable resource. Wealth is all around us!

”Money comes from the Universe through other people.”


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