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HOLY MOLY!! I am PUMPED you are in!

YOU made the commitment to take your mindset to the next level, now watch how the Universe returns that commitment back to you. Way to take MASSIVE ACTION in the direction of your dreams! We are about to dig deep. If you only knew the transformation that is about to happen, you'd be beyond ecstatic. I'm literally so happy for you right now.

This email is CONFIRMING that you are indeed a part of the next round of Manifestation Masters Academy of October 2018 beginning on October 5th. Your first task is to join the private Facebook group where I will be uploading each weeks modules ( in the units sections), worksheets, conducting the live Q&A, and posting any program announcements. Once you join say hello in the group and introduce yourself!

Each week on Friday the weekly module will be released in the Units section of the FB group along with worksheets, downloads, and any other goodies.

Request to join the private Facebook Group Here

* It may take up to 24 hours for your request to be approved, but if you don't see an approval over that time please email to process your approval.

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Have questions? Either post in the group or shoot me an email. My team and I will get back to you as soon as we can!

I seriously cannot wait to begin.

Manifestation Mastery, Goal Smashing here we come!!!

Download this confirmation page as a PDF here. I will also be sending out an email with further instructions before we begin.

All my love,

Paige Cole