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 Want to learn how to maximize your hustle inside and outside of the club?

Are you a new dancer who wants a stripping crash course?
Perhaps an OG dancer wanting to take your dancing business to the next level?  
Ready to learn how to consistently hit those 4 figure shifts?
Need help structuring yourself in an unstructured business?
Want to learn how to sell more VIP Dances? How to effortlessly work the floor? What to say to customers?
Desire to truly utilize dancing as a launching pad for long term financial success?
Do you want to learn how to implement money manifestation into your dancing business?
Let's Make it Rain
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I know you are dancing for a reason.

I know you want to make the most of your time in the club and industry. 

As you know time is money honey! 

I have earned over $1,000,000 over the course of my dancing career and I am confident I can teach you to do the same!  

I have been dancing for 11 years and have experienced the highs and lows of the industry throughout the course of my career. In 2017 I was depressed, addicted to drugs, charging my life expenses on credit cards, and going on a rapid downward spiral in my life

In August of 2017 I went on my first international trip to Ireland and London...

That was the first time I didn’t have access to drugs and therefore was clear headed for the first time in far too long. That trip literally saved my life. 

I had fallen in love with traveling and with my life again. I was determined to completely change my life around. I had all the knowledge and intrinsic resources to do so, I just needed to start implementing them.

In 2017 I earned $37k. In 2018 I earned $148k. In 2019 I earned $170k. I 4xed my income in a matter of one year and have increased each year since!

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Just last year I manifested my top income earning day, week, month, and year of all time!

Top Day: $3820  

Top Week: $8463  

Top Month: $22,111  

Top Year: $169,572

In 2018 I traveled to: Orlando, Chicago x3, Vegas, Denmark, Norway & Sweden. So far in 2019: Louisiana, Chicago, Cabo, Napa, London, Mykonos, Santorini, Dubrovnik & Hvar. Over the years I have invested over $50k+ in myself, my personal development, my spiritual journey, and my business knowledge. In the past 18 months I’ve earned 5 different coaching certifications, became an author, gone to seminars, events, taken high ticket courses, worked with coaches, been in masterminds, read countless books...

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 Here’s the thing: you can truly teach yourself anything you want to.

There is an abundance of information out there. You can spend countless hours piecing information together from different sources OR you can utilize your time and follow a proven system with REAL RESULTS!


I know in the dancing industry it can be incredibly scary and intimidating if you are just starting out, moving to a new club, or just feeling in a funk in your life. It can feel lonely, isolating and confusing.

When I think back to when I started I WISHED I had had a mentor or someone to guide me on the path of success with dancing... But I have since figured it out!

I made this course to help you execute your dance hustle like the boss bitch I know you are!!.

Let's Make It Rain
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CEO Boss Babe To The Stage

  • Breaking through judgement, anxiety and stigma associated with the industry
  • Owning TF out of your decision to dance 
  • Cultivating undeniable confidence at work
  • How the subconscious mind works & conditioning it for success while dancing
  • Manifestation principles and how they apply to the club

Getting Hired & Dancing Basics

  • The audition process 
  • Dancing 101 - what to wear, hair, makeup and more
  • Pre-shift Rituals for maximum success
  • Shift walk through - what to expect while working your shifts
  • Shift income averages
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Welcome To The Arena

  • Lap Dance vs. Stage Sets
  • Psychology of the sale
  • What to say when talking to customers
  • Selling lap dances
  • How to ask for tips

It's Game Time Baby  

  • Mindset at work: you are the boss
  • What to do when people say "no" 
  • Taking control of the entire transaction process
  • Setting boundaries with handsy customers
  • How to instantly get out of a funk during your shift
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Professional vs Amateur 

  • How to structure an unstructured business
  • Being disciplined and professional 
  • Writing and executing your schedule for shifts, daily routines, days off and traveling
  • Tracking all your stats
  • Creating and attaining financial goals based on your own personal financial numbers

Money Honey 

  • Money manifestation techniques
  • Spiritual and scientific principles of money 
  • Money management: budgeting, saving, investing
  • 10/10/10 rule
  • Accepting additional forms of payment- square app, venmo, cashapp
  • Logistics for operating a cash business: setting up health insurance, retirement, taxes, showing proved income for mortgage approvals 
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Maximizing Your Time in the Industry

  • Self care- working out, chiropractic, nutrition, massages

  • Setting up routines for success 

  • Setting short and long term financial goals

  • Running your business like a 6 figure business

  • How to use dancing as the launching pad it is

  • Investing in yourself

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Make It Rain Workbook

An exclusive download for you through the course material including journal prompts, money tracking sheets and goal setting.

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Private Facebook Group

Private FB group for all the Make It Rain Ladies to connect and network!

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 Downloadable Slides

Take the Make It Rain course with you so you can study at the club, coffee shop or wherever your heart desires.

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The Morning Routine Masterclass

A 40 minute masterclass to aid you in setting up a rock solid morning routine.

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12 Universal Laws Masterclass

Deepen your understanding of manifestation through learning about the immutable laws of the Universe.

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Boss Bitch Hypnosis

For undeniable confidence and money attraction at work

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Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the material and all updates and additions along the way!

Make it Rain Baby!
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Cash Flow Management Module with Mandyy Thomas


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Taxes Module with Alana Griffin

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Keep It Tight with Daria Sambey


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Namaste At Home With Brittany McGetrick


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Casey Paradis

I had an AMAZING experience in the MIR program! Paige is so enthusiastic and such a fantastic coach. I haven't been this excited about anything in a long time! There is so much material PLUS bonus material. It is worth every penny AND MORE! Even though there was a lot of material, I soared through it because it was so intriguing! I got so much information out of it! I have a notebook filled! My money came back as quickly as I purchased it. There is so much info that I have implemented and so many ideas and things I never thought of from Psychology of the sale, to pre-work rituals to Money management! this Program comes with everything you need to EXCEL As a dancer!

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“Make It Rain” is a course I WISH I had years ago. From the mindset techniques on how to shift out of a space of lack on the slow days to manifesting those dream customers and what to say to keep them in the back longer, this course is hands down a game changer for women in the dancing industry. If you’re an OG like myself with 16+ years experience or you are brand new, you’re guaranteed to get some golden nuggets in here to hit those bigger number shifts! 


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As a new dancer I need all the help I can get, and I feel that the Make it Rain course was a serious launching point in my dancing career. Throughout the course, I was constantly being reminded of my worth, and that I deserve to be highly payed! The Make it Rain course has DRASTICALLY improved my money making/manifesting ability, and has taught me to implement a healthy mindset surrounding the beautiful freedom of being a dancer. This is a perfect investment for new dancers, like me, and for experienced dancers who are ready to up level their game. If you’re on the fence about the course, DO IT FOR YOU!

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Bad Bitches! 

If you haven't signed up and invested in the Make It Rain Course then what are you even doing??? Lol. I'm so glad I invested my time into this program. 

You will see a major transformation in your mindset and your confidence by the end of it. I had such a negative attitude about this club I was at and the moment I implemented what I learned from Paige, I saw a drastic change. I promise this isn't a scam course and it is worth every penny.

Paige is so amazing that I've even reached out to her when I was frustrated in the middle of the shift and she gave me a pep talk and turned my attitude around. Please do yourself a favor and invest in this course! I promise you won't regret i! 

Paige Cole is an amazing coach.

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So I know it's been forever since I took the course BUT let me tell you! It's been a game changer for me! 

I've been consistently having good shifts and even with slow shifts, I find myself staying positive. I've been dancing for 8 years and I've never had so many $1000+ shifts and I keep hitting new all time highs. TWICE in the past week and a half, I've had $2k shifts (never made more than $1500 in "club" money and not gifts from customers) with a couple of thousand dollar shifts in between! It's literally happening so fast and it's almost unbelievable!

Thank you so much!!! I know I told you in the past that a lot of girls do extras at my club, I've established a lot stricter boundaries and have even let a couple customers go for making me feel uncomfortable with out the fear of oh but how will I make money! It's SUCH an amazing feeling. Gahhh!!!

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The Make It Rain Course is the real deal. Whether you are new to dancing or not. Since taking this course I've been able to use what I learned to truly show up like a boss in my business. Paige is amazing!


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Meg Elaine

Paige Cole’s MIR program is truly valuable . Not only is the course engaging and high level, but the group coaching aspect adds an individualized approach as well. I truly feel like I have stepped into the higher version of myself inside and outside of the club! 

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 I’m obsessed with coaching dancers on maximizing their hustle inside and outside of the club. 

I am beyond excited to release this course that has been in the works for 11 years. Now although I coach on ways to build wealth outside of the club, mastering your craft on the inside to generate the income you desire is key.

I have a deep passion for understanding the psychology behind dancing, sales, money and the science behind manifestation.

  The Make It Rain Course is everything I know about being successful in the industry combined with all of my coaching and personal development expertise. This is what I have personally implemented during my dancing career to achieve the success I have.

 I have earned over 1,000,000 over the course of my career, and am on pace to hit that $1,000,000 mark this year. 


In addition to being a dancer...

I am a manifestation expert, a mindset coach, a business consultant, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, an author, speaker and Co-Founder of the wildly growing business coaching brand Entrepreneur Babe.

  If you choose to invest in yourself, take the leap of faith, believe in yourself, and come to the course with an open mind and heart, I promise you, your life will never be the same.

  It’s your time, right now, to learn how to maximize your time inside the club. 

Let's Make It Rain

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I'm Ready To Make It Rain!

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✓ Boss Bitch Hypnosis ($333)

✓ 12 Universal Laws Masterclass ($197)

✓ Morning Routine Masterclass ($197)

✓ Cash Flow Management Masterclass ($397)

✓ Taxes for Strippers Masterclass ($397)

✓ Keep It Tight Fitness Program ($397)

✓ Namaste At Home Workout Bundle ($297)

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