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Ready to learn how to maximize your hustle inside & outside of the club?


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Signature COurses

Manifestation + Dancing + Business

In my programs I teach about how to manifest mad money into your life, how to maximize your time inside the club by running your dancing business like a six figure earner, and how to become a RAINMAKER by building your own online empire through digital products and course creation!

1:1 Mindset & Business Coaching

I work with dancers in a 1:1 container to help strategize on the best way to execute their dancing business while creating a business outside of the club to leverage their time and money.

In person events

1+1 = 3. That is the incredible power of synergy. Are you looking for that face to face interaction with other beautiful inspiring souls? The motivation, accountability, and synergy created by attending in person events is beyond valuable. I host in person retreats and summits to learn, grow, and network with other amazing human beings. These programs are offered once a year and fill up fast. Cant wait to meet you there babe!

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Vip membership

This is an awesome way to get the coaching benefits without breaking the bank! Training topics included in my monthly membership are all things mindset, manifestation, and business training! More details coming soon.


Paige coaches Dancers how to maximize their hustle inside & outside of the club!

An advocate of growth mindset and grit—Paige believes that limitations are simply a choice.  With the right education and tools, anyone can become an entrepreneur with location freedom and flexibility to sculpt their career around the life they desire and love.

Paige believes everything is achievable and with a little guidance, ambition, and a solid game plan, you can tailor your situation and vision to manifest the vibrant and energized life you’ve been craving!