Why Block Scheduling Beats Multitasking

Why Block Scheduling Beats Multi-tasking.png

I’m a big believer in block scheduling.  Block scheduling is the process of tackling one project at a time. It runs counterintuitive to the notion of multitasking.  Of course, as an entrepreneur, you are going to be multitasking no matter what. Block scheduling is simply the idea of prioritizing one task or project at a time.  There are five reasons for this; Block scheduling can help you (1) become more detail oriented (2) enter into a place of flow (3) zero in your focus (4) acquire a sense of accomplishment and (5) bring this sense of accomplishment into confidence in completing the next task at hand. Let’s explore each of these in greater detail so you too can benefit from this approach.


I. Detail Oriented

When you prioritize too many projects at once, there are too many false starts and stops.  For instance, you check your e-mail and then get sidetracked by a meeting with a manufacturer.  Then, when you return to the e-mail you have lost your train of thought or you may forget to return to it altogether.


If you were to block schedule your e-mails at a designated time, you would do a much more thorough job.  You can plan ahead so that you have designated time for each task: whether it is checking e-mails, virtually meeting with manufacturers, or updating your amazon listing.  In an ever-changing entrepreneurial world, there are some things you can predict ahead of time. Once you have controlled the variables you can control, you can then tackle a project for a relatively uninterrupted span of time.


Block scheduling will help you be thorough in whatever task is at hand: your grammar will suddenly be polished, your logic airtight, and your relationship with contractors will blossom.  You will soon realize the benefits of not letting the seemingly slight tasks fall through the cracks. Getting those details right, will put the extra grease on the wheels of your amazon empire, transforming you from frazzled worker to masterful entrepreneur.


II. Flow

This leads to my next point about flow.  Flow happens when you are buried in a task and are so zeroed in that the rest of the world melts away.  By setting boundaries around blocks of time, turning up the music, and tuning the white noise out, you CAN achieve a flow state.  It’s that natural rhythm that sweeps you up as you find your working style, voice, and pace. It is an optimal state that brings out the best in you in terms of the quality of work you are capable of.


If you haven’t felt flow for a while, start small.  Just test the waters, by blocking out a portion of your time where you plug your earphones in and force yourself to work on one project non-stop until it is complete. No interruptions allowed.  You will quickly find yourself in a place where productivity comes more naturally. That is your “flow” state.


III. Focus

The great thing about flow is that it will bring a state of heightened focus.  In a short attention span world, where 1,000 things are competing for our attention incessantly, it’s easy to forget the beauty of focus. Yet the more we set aside time to practice focus, the more our neurons carve pathways making it come more naturally. The benefits of improved focus are myriad. It improves our attention to detail, reading skills, listening skills, and heightens our awareness and perception of themes and trends in our business and interactions with others.


IV. Sense of Accomplishment

Once you take a project from start to finish, experiencing a sense of flow, feeling progress abound, winning the respect of your peers, you will take away a sense of accomplishment!


V. Confidence it instills in next project

This sense of accomplishment will feed into your next project.  You will feel a high and experience greater self-trust that you can complete with thoroughness and alacrity what you set out to do.  This will build your sense of confidence as you set out to tackle your next project that you have the endurance, savvy, and wherewithal to complete this task and succeed.


These are my insights on why I decided to make the switch from frenzied multi-tasking to intentional block-scheduling.  When you set aside time for each project and prioritize one at a time, the sense of accomplishment, work rhythm, and productivity will flow a lot more naturally. 

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