6 Reasons you Need an Email List for Your Amazon Business

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If you are interested in the online marketing and e-commerce world at all, I would venture to guess you have heard the statement “ The money is in the list”.

Now you might be wondering what this has to do with a private label business right? Have you ever seen those lines outside of an apple store the morning a new iPhone is about to come out? They are all lined up waiting to purchase the new product about to launch! In terms of “gaining a line” of people to buy your product, at least in the online world, you want to grow an email list with people who are interested in your niche and will likely be a fan of your new brand and products!

This asset is crucial to have in your business arsenal because when the time comes for you to release and launch your products to sell, you will already have a list of people you know are interested in your market!   


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Pro tip* Choose a great email service provider that is user-friendly and easy to set up automated emails and sequences to nurture your newly growing list. ConvertKit is the email provider I use.

Here are 6 Reasons you need an email list for your Amazon Business:

1. Asset You Own

Today people are obsessed over how many followers they have on Instagram, or likes on Facebook, or subscribers on YouTube… but here's the thing- you don't own ANY of those fans. You could wake up tomorrow and Instagram could be shut down (highly unlikely) but still, if that were to happen and you suddenly lost contact with all your followers, what would you do? With an email list, you own it! Therefore you get to make all the decisions around what, when, and how any content goes out. You are in control building the relationship and earning their trust.

2. Launch Tool

When you sell private label products on Amazon there are certain strategies that go into the actual launching of a product. Matching your competitor's sales volume for 7-10 days is what will spike the Amazon algorithm and begin ranking your listing for keywords. This is how you get sales and show up on page one of search terms results.  When your product is brand new it will be very hard for people to find, so getting to page one on Amazon is the objective. One method people use is to deeply discount your products (sometimes even up to 90% off) on a discount site. While this does work, you can end up losing more money than necessary by running these types of promotions.

With an email list, you can shoot them an email, offer less of a discount, and be more effective in your strategy! You can offer a lower discount of 25-50% off and still boost those sales. Ultimately helping your listing to rank.

Having a list of people who are interested in your niche or market is a great way to launch a product on Amazon. You already have a database of people that you can announce your new product launch to that already know like and trust you!

3. Use for Feedback and Polls

Email lists are a great way to ask for feedback. If you are researching a new product to launch you can reach out to your email list and see what they think about it. Maybe ask them what color is their favorite or which variation they would like. They can give you feedback on what features they would want to change or add. They might even give you new ideas for products to make! Customer feedback is the best because they are the ones who are buying your products. Take advantage of this. Asking your list questions is also a great way to gain trust and build that relationship.

Download Your List of 20 Email Ideas

4. Promote Sales and New Products

If you are running a promotion your list is a great place to promote it. You can even let them know that they are the first to be able to take advantage of this deal or even make a deal EXCLUSIVELY for your list. This will help to make them feel special and valued, which will also turn them into raving fans. People like to be heard, and they also like to feel special:)

5. Inventory Back in Stock

In this business, sometimes our inventory does go out of stock. This isn't always a bad thing because hey- that means we just sold a bunch of product! When your new shipment of inventory gets in your list is a great place to promote that announcement. This will help to re-boost sales on that listing and help to keep your keywords ranked.

6. FB Ad Retargeting

Did you know that you can upload your email list to your FB ads campaign manager to have your ads retargeted to those on your list? On average people need to come in contact with your brand or product 7 times before they purchase. By retargeting ads, it will decrease your ad budget spend by targeting warmer leads while also being more effective by putting your brand in the front of your customer's mind.

Growing your email list does take a little extra work up front but will be such a beneficial tool for you in the long run. There are so many ways to use and take advantage of this awesome asset you built.

My word of advice is to start now! The sooner you start the better. The first step I would take is to select an email service provider.

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