My 5 Part Morning Routine

Every morning we wake up is another opportunity to have an awesome day. Here's a glimpse at my 5 Part Morning Routine.

Every morning we wake up is another opportunity to have an awesome day. Putting yourself in the right mindset will not only make you feel better and happier throughout the day, but it will also enable you to be more productive in your daily tasks list.

I believe that starting your day off with some healthy action steps is the way to create lasting change in every aspect of your life. For me, my morning routine has certainly helped to create that!

Here is my 5 part morning routine:

1. 3 Gratitudes

Every morning when I wake up the first thing I do is think of three things I am grateful for. Gratitude is one of the highest feeling vibrations. I like to really think about what I am grateful for and really feel the feelings of those gratitudes.

If I get stuck I can begin by starting with-

“I am grateful for my nose”
“I am grateful for my hands”
“I am grateful for my pillows”

Just getting the gratitude ball rolling with simple things can help boost the brainstorming flow and lead into other larger things we are grateful for. Maybe it’s our car, our job, our children. Whatever it is FEEL those feelings and enjoy it! What we appreciate, appreciates… so why not focus on the blessings in our life!

2. Meditate

I am a strong believer in the practice of meditation. Everything we do comes from what is going on in our mind. If we can take ten minutes in the morning to really clear out and focus on our mind and breathe, it will do wonders for your mental clarity moving through the rest of your day.

I like to do Tony Robbins priming meditation in the morning. He walks you through a 10 minute guided meditation in which you focus on gratitude, healing, forgiveness and envisioning your goals. What a beautiful way to start your day right?

I also use meditation in the afternoon if I am feeling overwhelmed or scatterbrained...I know it’s time to take a mental timeout for myself and really regain that mental focus.

3. Workout

Every morning I like to get my body moving and my blood pumping. I like to lift weights or do cardio from between 45 minutes to an hour. Working out in the morning helps to clear my brain of any fog and aids in my ability to focus when I sit down to begin my work day. Taking care of your body by exercising and eating right drastically improves your productivity throughout the day, and just makes you feel great overall.

4. Eat breakfast

I always eat a healthy breakfast before I begin my workday. Eating healthy and fueling your body with the proper nutrients is essential for optimal health. Our brains and bodies function better when we take the time to nurture them. If you are the type of person who rushes out the door only grabbing a coffee, I would suggest trying to set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier. This time will allow you to sit down and eat a good breakfast. Eating your breakfast should be enjoyable and also a nice little ‘you-time’ in the morning to maybe read an uplifting article or a chapter of your favorite book.

5. Visualizing Your Goals

Visualization is the key to directing your life on the path towards your goals. There have been numerous studies of athletes who were asked to visualize themselves in their given sport. When hooked up to brain monitoring devices, their bodies reacted in the same exact way as if they were actually competing in their sport.

What we see in our mind we are putting out into the universe. Therefore focusing on our goals and visualizing ourselves actually achieving them is a phenomenal mindset habit that will align your goals and dreams with your reality.

I just love mornings. I love the new opportunity, the fresh day, and the blank page to create something really powerful. I take my mindset habits very seriously and have seen great results from my daily routines.

I’d love to hear more about your thoughts on these steps and some of your own! Comment below:)