3 Core Leadership Qualities

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Leaders Are Made Not Born: Three Core Qualities of Leadership


While listening to Marie Forleo’s podcast the other day, I found myself questioning the rules I follow and why. Marie enthusiastically discussed the topic of “chasing other people’s dreams” and the benefit of finding and doing what makes me happy. Guilty! I caught myself defaulting to someone else’s idea of happiness and success. I then realized that I have everything I need and that I can lead my life with just three core qualities: Vision, Heart, and Enjoyment.



– Leaders lead with their own personal vision. There is a burden and a blessing found in vision. It is the dominant sense of human existence. We need sight to drive, to interpret human emotion, to see if food is good to eat, to read, to learn, and as all successful business owners do -peruse social media. Sight is necessary for survival.


Along with sight we see other people experiencing the success we may or may not have at any given moment. When we see others enjoying the life they created for themselves, we go on to consume that vision of success and hope it is “good to eat” for us. We “learn” ways of success and happiness by viewing others happy. We survive on the images we see; they drive us forward…for a time. Then here in lies the catch-22 because shortly after following someone else’s idea of happy, we realize we are still searching for our own.


Here is the blessing. Great leaders are fearless when it comes to chasing after their own dreams. They see it and they go for it. They use their vision to press into what they want. Testing and tweaking, they finally create exactly what they desire. They enjoy seeing what has been done, but enjoy all the more breaking the rules to experience complete and total freedom.



– Leaders listen with heart. It wasn’t until I let go of all rules and gave myself permission to listen to my heart’s desires, that I found my passion and purpose. All humans have intuition or some ability to “hear” or to be “impressed” with a higher ideal or life path. However, the problem most of us have is that the voices of the world drown out the voice within.

I knew that it was time to turn down the cues from social media, the news, family and friends, and crank up the volume of my own heartbeat. What made me tick? I listened closely and concluded that freedom was the answer. I had freedom to do whatever I want, go wherever I want, and to create a life that is exactly what I desire. When you get in the habit of listening first, you become confident enough to make up your own steps, to your own rhythm, and start dancing to your own music. No rules. It is just you and the cadence of your own passionate purpose.  



– Leaders enjoy their life. Remember the bit about vision? We enjoy seeing others enjoy their life, and we emulate them. But leaders are on the other side of the mirror. We are the ones being watched. Why? Because we have put in the hours and built a life we love.


Leading with enjoyment is not just a brand thing, a popular thing, or putting on positive thinking. It is tapping into the experiences that you find completely exhilarating, fun, indulgent, and exciting and finding ways to enjoy them completely.  Enjoying every single moment to the fullest could be experiencing something as simple as a hug as electrifying, or going out to the library and loving the delicious silence and calm atmosphere, or screaming your brains out while zip-lining across the Grand Canyon. Enjoy in full whatever tickles your fancy!


When leaders lead with the three core qualities of vision, heart, and enjoyment life begins to stabilize and there is growth. The passion of great leaders pours over into their work. There is clarity of vision from which to drive their actions forward, there is a higher direction, which comes from their heart, and the enthusiastic enjoyment of the fruit their produce. This is the portrait of a leader who is likely to lead others there by example.


The cup of great leaders is brimming full of life and flowing over for everyone to enjoy too. Get free, break the rules of someone else’s idea of success, and do more of what makes you happy and you’ll find your own way to success and the richest of lives.


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