June 2019 Income Report

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The month of June was an awesome month as I buckled down and got to work in preparation for my Greece & Croatia Trip. I worked a bunch of shifts had some high days and also quite a few low days. Something about the summer time causes my industry average to go down but I am still grateful and thankful for all the money I am able to generate!

In June I also began working with a spiritual coach myself- as a coach I know and immensely value working with a coach and so I am super happy to be starting this new journey with her. The growth and shifts have already begun- I can’t wait to see what unfolds for me.

In June I was also able to go to Napa Valley, CA for a dear friend of mines wedding. It was so gorgeous and also such a huge reminder of how much wealth is always around us at all times…the secret is to shift your awareness to it and to be grateful for what you currently have.


$15,867.70 - Total income before expenses


Dancing: $15,390

  • I worked 22 shifts at an average of 6.1 hours per shift

  • I averaged $700 per shift and $113 average per hour

  • (These numbers are again significantly lower then my normal- but it was a VERY slow month)

Coaching & Online Programs: $477.70

  • I acquired a podcast sponsorship for a $500 fee- $477.70 after paypal fees


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