5 Parts To An Amazon Listing


As wonderful and convenient as it is to shop online these days, there is a slight disadvantage in regards to customer experience, for the sellers, behind the product. Given the fact that your potential customer is not able to touch, feel, and experience your actual product- you need to ensure your products listing is exceptional.

Your listing is the storefront of your product. This is how customers get to experience and ultimately purchase your item. You want to make sure you have a quality listing that helps your customer feel confident in making that purchase. It’s your job as a seller to make the listing as visually appealing and optimized as possible.

Here are the 5 Key parts to your Amazon Product listing.

Five Parts to An Amazon Listing | Becoming an Amazon Private Label Seller

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1. Photos

We have all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This could not be more true in regards to selling a product on Amazon. Humans naturally shop with their eyes and are drawn to images that are appealing, professional, and high quality. If your photo is not up to par, the shopper will look at your listing and surpass it thinking it’s a cheaply made product. Everyone works hard for their money and when we as customers make purchases we want to feel confidant that it’s a high quality item. Showcasing your products features, benefits, and even some lifestyle shots showing your product in use, are all things that need to be taken into account when getting product photography completed.

Do some research to find a quality photographer who specializes in eCommerce and specifically Amazon product photography. Keep in mind Amazon’s TOS in regards to photo requirements for listings. Your photographer should be aware of what is required but it’s always best you are aware as well.

2. Title

After looking at the photos, which give the shopper the very first impression of our product, the next thing their eyes wander to is the title. You want to include your main keyword in the title so that when customers are shopping for what your product two things happen. First Amazon recognizes your listing for what it is, and second it shows up when it is searched for. Your title is allowed less characters then other parts of your listing so you want to be sure to highlight your main keywords, uses of product, and special features or bonuses.

Here are the Amazon TOS for product title guidelines.

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3. Bullets

Your bullets are the next section a customer will look at. This is a section we really want to take advantage of. Tell a story about your product by painting a picture of its benefits. Make sure to sound like a human here and not so robotic. This section is also a key place to weave in your keywords, but do so naturally. Remember when you are selling a product to sell the benefit of the benefit for the customer.

4. Description

This is a section once you scroll down past the initial product listing information. You can highlight even more of your product features, uses, and descriptions here. This section of Amazon will require some basic HTML coding in order to make it visually appealing and spaced out nicely. Remember to be weaving in your keywords here as Amazon will read the copy on your listing to rank for your keywords.

Here is a site to help assist with the HTML section of the listing.

5. Keywords

By now you have noticed I mentioned keywords multiple times. This is because your keywords are the most important aspect of your listing. Amazon is a search engine after all. The only way that Amazon will be able to know and understand what your product listing even is, is by the keywords you place within the listing.

Doing keyword research is very important to get ideas of different terms used when searching for your given product, as well as seeing the search volumes and which keywords and terms are more popular than others.

Here are some suggestions for keyword research sites:

Moz Keyword Explorer

Keyword Tool

Merchant Words

The Amazon Search Bar

I would suggest creating a spreadsheet to track relevant keywords and the velocity of the search terms per month. This will give you a better picture of which keywords to target.

Building out your Amazon is crucial to the success of your Private Label Product launch. Remember it is a living breathing thing and once you make it, it is not set in stone. Adjustments can be made, copy can be tweaked and photos can be updated. Make sure and do your due diligence in regards to researching your keywords and checking out your competitors listings. This can give you some great inspiration on where to go with yours!

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