5 Strategies for Success

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A Winning Result: 5 Proven Strategies That Lead to Success


Why is it that 92 percent of people who set New Year’s Resolutions never achieve their goals? My thought is that they are genuinely inspired, but their endgame needs work. Inspiration and perspiration are very different cards to play while building a strategic business plan. The wining ticket: Knowing and creating a solid long-term goal is where the hard work really begins.


There are incredibly strong, focused women who desperately desire and deserve to achieve incredible success in business, but haven’t achieved their goals because something came up. The feelings that result from procrastination, failure, quitting or never quite hitting the target can bog down enthusiasm and success and keep you from living your dream. I totally get it. Things come up and it is so hard to succeed. It happens to everyone. Or does it?


Research shows consistently that those who create written goals are 50% more likely to succeed than those who don’t. Would you like to dismiss excuses, eliminate distractions, and press on toward obtaining your wildest dreams? You have to have the bigger picture in mind.

You’ve got to find your why and never lose sight of it! If you haven’t already done this, you need to. Go to the mirror and ask yourself, “Why do I get up everyday and do the things I do?” What did you come up with?


Caution: Trying to find your “why” in life is like contemplating your belly button. Don’t over-complicate it, please. If you don’t know your why right now, pretend you do and create one. The next step is to learn goal achievement strategies to keep you on track to achieving success.


5 proven strategies that lead to success:


1. Develop One Clear Vision or End Goal.

Qualifiers: a) It must feel amazing to you as you imagine the moment of victory, b) It must be imagined as rich in sensory detail as possible. When you create a long-range goal it has to be so huge, satisfying, and magnetic that it pulls at your inner being and begs you to perform under any circumstance.  It must demand your attention.


2. Build it backwards.

A simple technique to figuring out what you should do next. After you created your audacious long-range goal. Ask your self. “What is the last step I took to get to that moment? And then continue to ask that question until you get back to where you are now reading this article.  Unravel the “sweater” to find your next loop. Systematize your steps into monthly goals, and weekly goals depending on what your come up with.


3. Get Accountability & Advisors.

Confide in someone (weekly meeting) who has similar goals. Tell them about your plan of action and ask them to hold you accountable no matter what. People who are running a business and continue to achieve their goals have accountability partners, mastermind buddies, and a team of advisors who are holding them to their words.  This is vital. Get on it!


4. Timely Tenacious Action

– A goal that is not measured is a fantasy. You have to have measurable action steps that are done by a given point in time. Go back through your “step by step” plan and give it a timeline.  A word about tenacity. A tenacious person has one thing in mind. Their desire. Eliminate distractions that are not in line with your long-term goal.


5. Patterning for Success

– Create consistent habits for yourself that you know you can achieve everyday. These are also known as mini-goals. Most successful people will set 5-7 mini-goals like making their bed, drinking 8 glasses of water, keeping used laundry off the floor, exercising, etc. See yourself succeeding at these mini-goals and it does wonders for your self-esteem.


These strategies outlined above will help you succeed if you do them. There is always wiggle room when designing a business strategy and you don’t have to be perfect. Just continue to press into cultivating these 5 habits and you will be carving out a better future for yourself and those you love.


The most important aspect is creating and keeping a clear and magnetic long-term goal that draws you out and forward in your business. Condition your mind for success and stay with it. With these 5 proven strategies your long-term goal will become clearer, your actions will be more efficient, and success will be richly satisfying.


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