May 2019 Income Report

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Now that I have chosen to be open, honest and transparent with all facets of my life I am happy to be fully transparent with my income. I hope to provide inspiration and motivation to new online entrepreneurs showing that everyone starts somewhere!

If you are a dancer I want to show you that getting out on your own terms IS possible and I want to show you exactly how I did it myself. Yes I am still dancing and am happy to share my own journey in exiting.

As my coaching business grows you will see the transition and eventual exit out of dancing.

May for me was actually a rather slow month income wise. Although it was slow I was also able to take a vacation to Cabo for a friends bachelorette party!

May Income:

$10,285.84 - Total income before expenses

Breakdown of May’s Income:

Dancing: $9687

  • I worked 18 shifts at an average of 5.3 hours per shift

  • I averaged $538 per shift and $100.64 average per hour

  • (These numbers are significantly lower then my normal- but it was a VERY slow month)

Coaching & Online Programs: $597.85

  • I sold 1 group coaching program for $555

  • I sold 1 evergreen digital course $42.85

Upcoming Programs & Products:

Soulful Sales Babe

Want to master the art of selling? This program will help to redefine, strategize, and scale your online business in the most efficient ways for maximum results!

6 Week Group Coaching program for the spiritual entrepreneur who wants to learn how to:

  • Attract their soulmate clients

  • Make the art of ‘selling’ a high vibe experience of service

  • Write sales copy that speaks perfectly to your ideal clients

  • Learn strategies for optimal visibility in the online space

  • Create, promote & launch your own products

Mind Your Money Honey

The 6 week program created to heal your relationship with money, expand you wealth consciousness, and easily manifest more money into your bank account!

Next round launching in August - get on the wait list today!

Podcast To Profit

I am super excited to announce that I am developing a course that will walk you through the inn’s and outs of launching a podcast!

  • Content creation, organizing your episode, flow of show

  • Intro/ Outro suggestions

  • Tech, recording & equipment

  • iTunes submission and requirements

  • Interviews, collaborations and sponsorships

  • Marketing & Monetizing your show

More info to come!

Manifesting Like A Boss Babe

My book is officially launched and available on Amazon! Grab your copy today and make sure you get all my book bonus goodies I created just for book purchasers:)

1:1 VIP Coaching Spots with Paige

I am taking on 3 new 1:1 coaching clients who are interested in starting their own business in order to exit their current job. I am looking to work with dancers & entrepreneurs who desire to build a business that generates them 10k + per month.

When you work with me 1:1 you receive an all access path to all my courses and programs in addition to a 3 month container of coaching support. Message, DM, or email me at if you are serious about working with me. You can also checkout all my coaching information here.

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Here’s to your massive success-

Paige Cole